Monday, March 22, 2010

Watercolor Success

I just finished my Winter semester art class. When I first heard in the fall that we were going to use watercolor pencils as our medium my first thought was "BLAH"!! First of all I did not want to buy anymore art supplies since all my supplies are for my 2 loves, pastels and colored pencils. The room that serves as a combination computer room/art studio is packed with everything I need for my art as well as geek stuff. You can imagine now having to add watercolor supplies to this mix. You just do not buy a few watercolor pencils and use the paper you already have. Everything is specific to the medium.

Second, I was just starting to gain confidence and my drawings were actually looking like what I was painting!! Now the thought of starting anew and purchasing more stuff was not making me happy.

Some of my classmates and I have been together since 2006 and we have had the same instructor, Jane. We enjoy each others' company and critiques as well as the many ideas and direction from Jane. So, with an empty wallet I decided to sign up (paper, brushes, watercolor pencils). Just as a side note, once you start a new medium and work with the "stuff" you bought, you then find out there is better "stuff". Of course this will make your painting look much better...As with every hobby, the buying never stops. You buy new "stuff" and show it to your pals, who then oooh and awwwwe and think about purchasing the same "stuff". I do not think the cycle ever ends!!!

Now you might be asking yourself how I liked the new medium. I LOVE IT!!! I can be very creative and loose with watercolor pencils as I am with pastels. And yes, I did sign up for the spring session where we will be using the same "stuff" and working on landscapes. I am looking forward to it. I also have included (to the right) my lastest watercolor for which everyone can see my progress.